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RED BOX DAPP is a decentralized Fintech project, creating a decentralized fund solution to build a strong financial community. Built by the contribution of many Smart Contract experts in multinationals based on the United Kingdom. With Dapp, rights and responsibilities are equal among members of the RED BOX community RED BOX mission is to become a transparent, reliable financial community, ensure the safety of all transactions and create applications that bring practical benefits to investors.




Ticket: RBD

Total supply: 600 million Tokens

RED BOX token & Distribution into:

50%: 300 million Tokens is operated under Smart Contract operating system and built surrounding ecosystems.

25%: 150 million Tokens sold ITO to create initial funds and allocate working capital to create ecosystems around RED BOX.

25%: 150 million Tokens are traded on international exchanges. .



RED BOX is developed by many engineers specializing in Smart Contract.

Expanding ecosystem investment

Allow technology teams to raise fund to develop RED BOX open ecosystem and create new ecosystems specifically for the RED BOX community.

Community of RED BOX

There are many people in many countries following the project because of the potentiality of RED BOX.

Provide the token

With RED BOX development, creating a supply of tokens before running the ecosystem is essential to balance the market.

Meet the needs of the community

With the growth in the number of ecosystems, the RED BOX meets most of the community's concerns such as ecosystems: Sbobet loading port, BO trading platform, inter-exchange tool trade, etc.

Development of the RED BOX

During ITO, RED BOX is able to officially operate at least 2 ecosystems with the aim of proving the outstanding growth of RBD, this is something no project has ever done.


Baljinder SINGH

10th May 2019 to present CEO at Redbox Inc Limited
1st Dec 2018 to 30th Apr 2019 Project Architect at J.P. Morgan
20th Oct 2017 to 15th Nov 2018 Executive director at Goldman Sachs
Studied Master's degree at NIT Trichy
Graduted Computer science at Sardar Patel University

Robert Evans -CEO of Redbox Dapp

Facebook: fb.com/robertevans82
Graduted Finance at The University of Salford
18th Jul 2019 to present CEO at Redbox INC Limited
19th Nov 2017 to 23th Jun 2019 Founder, Director, CEO at Zenith Data Corp
25th May 2015 to 18th Apr 2017 Founder at Thrupny

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Company Number: 11887452

Address: 71 -75 Shelton street Covent garden London England wc2h 9JQ